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Cultural Grant Aid

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Name Cultural Grant Aid Grant Assistance
for Cultural Grassroots Project
Purpose Promotion of culture and education
Recipient The Government of Jordan Non profit organizations
Content Construction
Provision of equipment
Provision of equipment
Limit JYE 300 million for construction
(It used to provide equipment worth JYE 50 million)
JYE 10 million*
Application The Embassy of Japan in Jordan requests Ministry of Planning & International Cooperation of Jordan to invite applications for it. The Embassy of Japan in Jordan directly receives applications.
Deadline August

For application method, please visit the MOFA's Cultural Grant Assistance




* JYE 10 million equals approximately USD 90 thousand.


Jordan has exerted conscious efforts toward cultural activities along with other areas of nation building. The Cultural Grant Aid of Japan was introduced to Jordan in 1981 to further expand the field of the partnership between the two countries.

Since then, Japan granted a total amount of 848.9 million yen (approx. 5,865 thousand JD, as of FY 2005), for twenty one projects, which play an important role in the promotion of cultural, educational and sports activities.

One of the most popular projects of the Aid is a planetarium at Haya Culture Center, Amman. Many school kids learn and enjoy astronomical presentation every day.

Japan's cultural grant has also contributed to human development in Jordan. The Embassy donated Language laboratories three times to the University of Jordan, where the future generation of Jordan learn foreign language for development of their own country.

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