MEXT Schorship Program (FY2018)

Our window for 2018 MEXT (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship program is now open. If you are interested, please carefully read the application guidelines and submit your application with necessary documents to our cultural section at the Embassy of Japan. Please make sure not to use last year's application forms. Application deadline:  (22 June, 2017 14:00)
  1. Scholarship for Postgraduates
  2. Scholarship for Undergraduates
    1. Guideline
    2. Application Form
    3. Paper of Research Field
    4. Placement Preference Form
    5. Certificate of Health
    6. Recommendation Form
Please do not forget to attach a copy of your passport when you submit the application.

Regulations and Common Guidelines
  • Minimum average:
    • Post Graduate: Minimum 70% average, or 2.8/4 GPA on graduation.
    • Under Graduate: Minimum 85% in Tawjihi or B and above (average) in GCE and IGCSE or, 5 points and above (average) in the IB or, A score of 750 and above in SAT.
  • If your graduation is after the deadline, you can still apply to MEXT 2018 scholarship but you have to provide an “Expected-to-Graduate” letter from your university/school when submitting your application, and bring your graduation certificate to the Embassy before August 2017.
  • Finding universities and professors is a student's own responsibility. contact the International Student Office of the universities you find, after reading all available information online.
  • Examinations and interviews are held only once. There are no resits for any reason.
  • All applicants have to sit for a Japanese language exam. Getting a good result is a plus.
  • Military members can NOT apply to this scholarship.
  • You may contact professors and get a primary approval from them, however, getting a primary approval doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get accepted by the Embassy.
  • No need for TOEFL or IELTS or other English language qualification, but academic-level English is a must. Some Universities may require such tests' results.
  • Health Certificate can be obtainable from any officially practicing Jordanian Doctor/Lab.
  • Once you submit your documents, you cannot change the universities you have applied to.
  • ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE IN ENGLISH or in Japanese. If they are in Arabic, you must provide an official translation into English at the time of your application.
  • Submitted documets and certificates are NOT returnable.