Assistance to Jordan

For the Better Life and Sustainable Development in Jordan
 and for a Lasting Peace in Jordan

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Overview of Japan's Official Development Assistance (ODA) to Jordan

The year 2004 marked the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Japan and Jordan , and it also marked the 30th year of the establishment of both Jordanian and Japanese embassies in Tokyo and Amman . Since then, Jordan and Japan have fostered close and friendly ties through cooperation, and exchanges in political, cultural, economic and other fields.

The objectives of Japan 's Official Development Assistance (ODA) are to contribute to the peace and development of the international community, and thereby to help ensure Japan 's own security and prosperity. Taking advantage of Japan 's experience as the first nation in Asia to become a developed country, Japan has utilized its ODA to actively support economic and social infrastructure development, human resource development, and institution building. Consequently, Japan has significantly contributed to the economic and social development of developing countries.

The Middle East is an important region for energy supply and for the peace and stability of the international community, but it has destabilizing factors including the situation of Middle East peace process and the situation of Iraq . Japan has been providing assistance to Jordan towards social stability and the consolidation of peace in the Middle East , taking into account the following factors;

Japan has supported several areas that are vital for a better standard of living and sustainable development in Jordan since 1974 (the cumulative total amount of US$ 3 billion to Jordan as of 2004). In particular, Japan has also addressed the importance of the fields of “Water”, “Environment” and “Health and Medicine”. In addition, Japan has also supported the projects bringing benefit to surrounding countries of Jordan in cooperation with the government of Jordan.

Japan ’s ODA to Jordan is basically classified into three types; Grant Aid, Loan Aid and Technical Cooperation. Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is responsible for implementation of Japan ’s ODA.

Japan firmly believes that assistance to Jordan continues to sustain its stability, contribute its prosperity and eventually enhance and facilitate the Peace in Middle East . Japan will extend assistance to Jordan in conformity with the Japan 's Official Development Assistance Charter.

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